I can't recall precisely when or why I started to write poetry. What I remember though is a demanding period in my life during which I would publish demos of my compositions in various social networks on a regular basis. Usually, I would share them in blog posts using embedded players, and add a short presentation. In the case of songs, I would also include the lyrics. For instrumentals, it seemed appropriate to write at least a few stanzas, typically inspired by the underlying theme of the compositions, or sometimes by their titles only.

Eventually I also published poems on their own, without music, whether inspired by the circumstances I was in, or to illustrate specific ideas, or in an attempt to convey specific messages, or to share wisdom gathered along the way, or to leave footprints behind.

The process I was involved in at the time led to a flash of understanding that still resonates in me to this day. That epiphany yielded a particular piece, to which I gave the title "Understanding."

The poems gathered here, the milestones of that journey, are presented in their original chronological order of publication, and their original form.

My hope is that my journey to understanding will shed at least a little light on yours.

  • The Mechanics of Karma


    through trials i learned the laws governing ascension

    and got rid of the flaws hampering progression


  • Stonecutter


    it's not as if you were stronger than i can be

    your own rock shows no cracks though you keep bashing it

    no it's more in the way that it appears to me

    as if you know no doubt that monolith will split


  • Outgrow


    that which you can't abide embrace as if a friend

    once you two have allied no thing will make you bend

    that which you can't escape welcome as a teacher

    you will never espouse more talented lover


  • Purposefulness


    how can it be too late if there is still some life

    why stop at the last gate when the roads are so rife


  • Understanding


    in hindsight i recall throughout my history

    icons and figurines of the virgin mary

    gradually fading out of reality

    and how my bad habits down to sleep had laid me


  • Derelict
  • Informal√ęstrom
  • Spectacular Over City
  • Calling All Artists

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Christopher Stewart

Christopher Stewart explores various artistic disciplines and works freelance. He has penned the science fiction novel 2206 : Window Onto A New World, the essays On the Meaning of Sin and Takers Economy : An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing, and a number of poems, song lyrics, and various shortform creative pieces.

Primarily interested in music, he has composed over 250 pieces, founded the currently hibernating progressive rock band Poligraf, worked as busker and emcee, and pursues his ideal of creating meaningful music in the context of a rock ensemble.

His one-of-a-kind trajectory has also led him to work in various fields including audio engineering, video production, graphic design, website development, blogging, online music store management, software engineering, systems architecture, social work, and cinema.

He has practised Buddhism dead-seriously since the mid-nineties, until he finally awakened to the fact that it teaches living happiness.

You're welcome to contact Christopher via the links below.