Month: July 2012

Confrontation (Polygraph part 2)

« Confrontation » by cordalth

While the introductory movement of « Polygraph » describes a heated yet still somewhat civilized exchange, the second chapter, « Confrontation, » aims to depict the often difficult yet cathartic experience of having to stand one’s ground and defend one’s views when criticism or outright attack threatens one’s balance and inner peace.

The section was originally conceived as an instrumental wherein a dialogue between guitar and saxophone represents the conversation as it devolves into somewhat of a shouting match. Eventually though, I experimented with replacing the already written notes with words, more as a lit (...)   

Sooner Or Later

« Sooner Or Later » does not comes from Poligraf’s catalogue as such. Rather, it is a piece for solo guitar that I intend to publish on an album of about ten acoustic compositions, all featuring the classical guitar, either playing solo or accompanied by other acoustic instruments.

The original title of this piece was « Maybe Later, » but I never liked it that much because of the element of doubt and uncertainty that it conveys, which doesn’t fit the music. I reworked some parts while getting ready to record the present demo, and along with the changes came the new and more appropriate title.

While the first half of the piece starts in a reflective mood that leads into a peaceful passage, the second half remains upbeat and playful until the tongue-in- (...)   

New theme and new function for the blog

I’ve spent the past days adding static pages to the blog and revamping the design. After quite a few years of blogging about my music, and more recently publishing the episodes of The Threshold Series, I have accumulated a lot of material. However, blog posts being what they are, one would be hard-pressed to recreate the whole picture merely by browsing the archive.

I use many online services to share my creations. My demos are available on SoundCloud, MySpace, ReverbNation, and a variety of other such music communities. And similarly, my written works are dispersed on my Issuu channel, on the Facebook pages dedicated to my ebooks, or in blog posts here and elsewhere, notably in the many Ning networks of which I am a member.

The objective of the overhaul is therefore to hav (...)