New theme and new function for the blog

I’ve spent the past days adding static pages to the blog and revamping the design. After quite a few years of blogging about my music, and more recently publishing the episodes of The Threshold Series, I have accumulated a lot of material. However, blog posts being what they are, one would be hard-pressed to recreate the whole picture merely by browsing the archive.

I use many online services to share my creations. My demos are available on SoundCloud, MySpace, ReverbNation, and a variety of other such music communities. And similarly, my written works are dispersed on my Issuu channel, on the Facebook pages dedicated to my ebooks, or in blog posts here and elsewhere, notably in the many Ning networks of which I am a member.

The objective of the overhaul is therefore to have all of my work readily accessible in one place, presented in an orderly and visitor friendly fashion.

The Writings section is still only an outline at this point. This is where I plan to gather all the chapters of The Threshold Series, along with my essays, poems, and other written works. There is still much distance to cover before reaching that particular objective, but thus far the expedition has been surprisingly uplifting, so hopefully the remainder of the exercise will prove equally enjoyable.

Although not quite finished, the Music section is much closer to completion. The core part of the contents is presented as a list of the albums I hope to record with Poligraf. Each project is fully described, or rather will be so once I’m done, and the details include the current status of the undertakings and their respective objectives. The links in the tracklists point to those blog posts wherein I share accounts of the intention behind the pieces, or of their genesis, and which feature audio clips, lyrics, poetry in the case of instrumentals, and in some cases video clips recorded live or in rehearsal. I have edited the posts so as to uniformize their appearance, and also to add navigation links to other titles.

Each album is presented as a project that visitors can sponsor and thus facilitate its realization. The sponsorship opportunities, which typically consist of pre-orders enhanced with various perks, are described on dedicated pages that include embedded spreadsheets detailing the contributions of the supporters.

As an alternative, I have begun to add the demos to Bandcamp, which provides a simple way to sell downloads. The price of those albums will match the first sponsorship level of the corresponding project, so anyone who buys the demos will also receive download links when the recordings are duly completed and the final products are available. The first album I have added is CONGA 2008 Demo, which is a remixed and remastered version of the demo that was recorded in the fall of 2007 as a requirement for Poligraf’s participation in the 2008 edition of the CONGA, an annual local band contest. The other projects will follow in the coming days.

Looks like that’s it for now. Time to post and then possibly address the question of the ever-overflowing inbox before going to bed.

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