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On the Meaning of Sin

Blake’s Tarot Liberty Card » by Mary K. Greer)

I spent most of the second half of January writing an essay on the concept of sin, its meaning and its implications.

Actually, this is a matter that has been hovering in and out of my mind since the end of July (...)   

Essay : On Desire

Photo of the magnetic field of two bar magnets with like poles close together » by Alexander Wilmer Duff)

In Buddhist culture, there exists the core notion of the three poisons, which are considered to be the cause of all sufferings.

In English, the poisons are generally translated as confusion, desire, and hatred, or variations of these terms.

In my experience, while confusion and hatred are generally grasped correctly, the poison of desire is often misunderstood.

In short, confusion refers to the mistaken notion that individuals exist in separation from one another and from everything else. In other words, it corresponds to identific (...)   

On Individualistic Spirituality

In my opinion, on some social networks there appears to be a tendency to avoid challenges altogether in order to protect beliefs.

The rationale seems to be that the intent of the challengers is merely to « make wrong, » and that those who challenge are just not « confident in their own beliefs. »

But what then if the intent is not to « make wrong » ? What if the intent is to shed a different light ? What if the prompting comes from the heart and not the ego ? What if the ego tries to ignore the overwhelming need to challenge, but ultimately fails ? Should we abstain from challenging simply because we are confident in our own beliefs ? Should we simply let others cope on their own however they can ?

To me, there’s a major flaw in this abstention. In fact, it would be correct if we were not intrinsically related to one another. But we are…

In my view, there is a form of individualistic spirituality that seems to be rampant these days. In t (...)   

Mathematics Of Karma

Mechanics of Karma :

the « objectiveness » of reality is a function of the strength of identification to self…

the stronger the ego, the more marked the duality between self and non-self…

the aim of reality is to foster the return to egolessness…

thus, the more egotistic one is, the more rigid their reality appears…

and similarly, the less egotistic one is, the more malleable their reality appears…

Mathematics of Karma :

the gap in correlation between what’s outside and what’s inside is a measure of ego…


Satori : A Momentary Flash of Enlightenment

Emanation of light » by Limonc)


Back in 1998, I underwent a very peculiar experience, indeed, thus far at least, a once-in-a-lifetime event, which opened many doors for me and confirmed some of the directions I had previously chosen.


In time, I came to consider this occurrence as an instance of satori, a sudden momentary flash of enlightenment if you will, the intensity of which still resonates with me to this very day.


Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment that literally means “understanding”. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment, and is considered a “firs (...)   


That which you can’t abide
Embrace as if a friend
Once you two have allied
No thing will make you bend

That which you can’t escape
Welcome as a teacher
You will never espouse
More talented lover

That which you won’t challenge
Can’t ever make you wise
But that which you surpass
In freedom makes you rise

That which you merely change
Comes back in a new guise
But that which you outgrow
Won’t again meet your eyes


The Mechanics Of Karma

A free body diagram of a mass on an inclined plane by Mets501

How long have I hankered
For the right way to go
How far have I wandered
To know what I now know

Laying under the moon
Rising up with the crow
And the wail of the loon
In the rain or the glow

How many ups and downs
I had to lose the count
Just as with forms and nouns
To keep climbing the mount

How many times I slipped
Escaping restriction
Expecting to be tripped
By disguised protection

To hell and back again
I jour (...)   

How to get from A to B

Map of the Principality of Waldenburg
Map of the Principality of Waldenburg

I was at A. I wanted to get to B. I did not know how to get to B. The questions that came naturally were :

– what do I have to do to get from A to B ?
– what did others do to get to B ?

I never questioned those questions. I should have. Those were wrong questions. The question should have been :

– what must I change in myself to become the person I need to be to be at B ?< (...)