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« Family » by Jo Christian Oterhals

At some point during this past winter, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could come up with a bunch of songs that I could play on my own, without the need of a backing band. I had always wanted to try my luck at busking, but because of the demands of Poligraf, I never really had the chance to build a repertoire of original songs that require only guitar and vocals, without additional arrangements. Eventually I imagined that 30 songs would be enough, so I set out to write as much in time for the sunny season, and actually reached that goal on June 27th, when I completed the words to « 67th Heaven. » (...)   

COTD #89 : In Our Space part 1

Tibetan Sand Mandala
Tibetan Sand Mandala

The central theme of “In Our Space” is the idea of building, of perhaps finding or reaching, a space where we are free to simply be ourselves and do as we feel we should.

At the pe (...)