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Introspection I (The Chrome Lake part 3)

« Introspection » by Alberto Baumann

« Introspection I » is the third part of « The Chrome Lake, » and its first section with vocals.

As implied by the title, the piece is about looking into oneself. More precisely, it speaks of having the courage to look at the places which have been hurt, despite the pain, for this is part of the healing process.

The chorus hints at the empowerment that comes from exposing oneself, including one’s areas of vulnerability. Finding the str (...)   

Why « Samsara » ?


Poligraf’s first album will be entitled “Samsara” in reference to the cycle of reincarnation in Buddhist culture.

Samsara is a Sanskrit and Pali term derived from to “flow together,” “to go or pass through states,” “to wander,” and which translates as “continuous movement” or “continuous flowing.”

In Buddhism, it refers to the concept of a cycle of birth and consequent decay and death, in which all beings in the universe participate and which can only be escaped thro (...)   

COTD #101 : The Turnaround

Emblem 45 from Atalanta Fugiens by Michael Maier
Emblem 45 from Atalanta Fugiens by Michael Maier

The fifth and as of yet unwritten chapter of “

COTD #100 : The Evolution of Countless Questions, part 3

The Radio Tower by Karel Tršický
The Radio Tower by Karel Tršický

As I hinted to in the preceding instalment of “The Evolution of Countless Questions” series, the lyrics to that part (...)   

COTD #98 : Creeper, Instrumental Break

Climbing plant by Popperipopp
Climbing plant by Popperipopp

The instrumental break of “Creeper” illustrates the growth of the climbing plant, the insidious suggesti (...)   

COTD #97 : Ignorant, Ending

Ignorant” ends on a call to integrity, hinting at the idea that happiness does not need to come at the end of a relentless pursuit, but rather that it is always available along the way to one whose thoughts and deeds are in alignment with their values, hopes, and dreams, and who remains true to their heart :

Say, how often do you wonder
If everything you’re working for
Is worth all that wait ?
Say, how often do you ponder
Pretending that all is fine
When you can’t bear your fate
Say, do you truly love
Or are you waiting for the day
When it’ll be too late ?

Today’s clip presents the last verse, last chorus, and chamber music ending :