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A Tide Of Positive Change

« Wave » by Mark

The 23rd song written for the « 30 Songs for the Sunny Season » project is entitled « A Tide Of Positive Change » and was completed on March 24th, 2013.

The aim here was to come up with an inspiring and energetic song that can uplift the listener into an optimistic frame of mind. Considering the comments offered so far when I played it in public spaces, I’d venture to say that this particular objective has been achieved.

No audio nor video clips are available at this point as my game plan for this s (...)   

COTD #44 : The Dam part 3

In “Rapids,” the third part of “The Dam,” the protagonist/narrator is being lead from a somewhat calm, although disappointing, river straight into the dam.

The intent behind this instrumental section is to convey a feeling of being carried ahead, and to let the listener reflect on the discourse presented in “River” :


COTD #20 : The Dam part 2

As mentioned yesterday, at 22 minutes “The Dam” is my longest composition thus far. The piece uses the metaphor of water flowing from source to ocean to illustrate this process that we affectionately refer to as life. It comprises eight distinct movements, identified as follows :

1. Source
2. River
3. Rapids
4. Dam
5. Immersion
6. Surface
7. Flow
8. Ocean

As the title suggest, the focus is directed on one major obstacle/life-changing experience, symbolized by a dam on the river, which the protagonist/narrator has to conquer in order to reach his intended destination.

The storyline is inspired by my own life and my struggle to reach my goal of earning a living through my artistic output, as opposed to working a day job to support myself and invest what’s left of my energies in my artistic pursuits on a part-time basis, as I’ve done for the best of the last ten years or so.

The second part ex (...)